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Come to Birmingham for Summer 2024!

In the past, our interns have majored in these areas:

  • Accounting

  • Architecture

  • Business

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Finance

  • Hospital administration

  • Investment

  • Journalism

  • Marketing

  • Pre-dentistry

  • Pre-law

  • Pre-medical

  • Real estate

  • Social work

We have internships targeting these and many more!

Hear from Past Interns:

"I don’t know many people my age who have the opportunity to learn as much as I do, and learning I have been...not necessarily only in the work place though.

One of the biggest things I learned about this summer was generosity and hospitality, and I have a lot of people to thank for that.  I was fortunate that community members here in Birmingham chose to give back and invite in college students like myself. I was fortunate to have such great bosses to learn from at my internship."

- JK

Watch this Video for Helpful Resume and Interview Tips from our Committee Members:

Fill out our interest form here

Then e-mail your resume to

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