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Dear Future Employer:

There is much excitement and energy in the Birmingham area as we seek to attract new industries and expand existing sectors that benefit our local and state economy.

In order to fuel this growth, we must continue to recruit and retain talented young professionals.  Our state universities are passionate and focused on attracting and educating promising young students with a majority coming from out-of-state at the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Birmingham Southern University, and University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Many students graduate, anticipating to return home or to other well-known metropolitan areas.  Although many of these students acknowledge that Birmingham is a beautiful city with world-renowned restaurants, a progressive downtown district, and a relatively low cost of living, they are largely unaware of the job opportunities our "Magic City" has to offer.  While many were aggressively recruited to come to our state for college, we must NOW actively engage them to stay!  To accomplish this goal, we need your help.

Hillel Connections seeks to connect Jewish students with the many facets of Birmingham, giving them opportunities to develop personal, mentoring, and professional relationships.  Through the eight-week summer internship program, students gain valuable work experience while employers benefit from a tech-savvy workforce with a potential pipeline for future employees.

We feel that by linking students personally with a local family and a religious community that reaches out to them, the success in creating long-term relationships sets this program apart from ordinary summer employment, and hopefully facilitates consideration of Birmingham as a place to relocate following graduation.

We are actively developing a list of potential employers for this year's summer internship program.  Please consider registering to become a potential employer for our Hillel Connection summer internship initiative.  By registering now, you obtain name-recognition and publicity among students with no obligation.  You will not be assigned an intern.  Students apply to our program, voice their personal and career interests, and are vetted by our committee, before desirable candidate resumes are provided to you.  You decide whether to interview and/or employ a student, and it takes a match of student plus employer before an intern is assigned; registering now does not commit you nor guarantee you a summer intern.

Please complete this form so we can learn about your company and the qualities you desire in an intern.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at


Thank you for considering this mutually beneficial growth initiative.  With your help, we can attract the best and brightest to build the future of Birmingham!

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