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Hillel Connections is a faith-based initiative inspired at the University of Alabama that is designed to connect students with cities in Alabama, initially Birmingham, giving them opportunities to develop personal, mentoring, and professional relationships.  Although Birmingham is only 60 miles from UA, most students know little of the cultural, social, religious or employment opportunities in our "Magic City".  To bridge this gap, the Hillel Connections program links students personally with a local family and religious community, providing long-term relationships throughout their collegiate years and beyond.  Options for students range from  connecting with a local " family friend", networking to link with a professional mentor, applying for our eight week summer internship, and possibly finding that perfect job after graduation! 

The Magic City

Students, Birmingham wants you! Birmingham isn't called the Magic City by mistake.  It is a thriving city brimming with history, fabulous restaurants, music, entertainment, adventure, and other great opportunities! Come explore our awesome city and community! 

The Birmingham Jewish Federation has created a guide to the Magic City, full of information on the community, events, neighborhood directories, maps of Jewish organizations, and a Birmingham Bucket List. There's always something to do in Birmingham - check it out below!


Get in Touch

Hillel Connections is based in Tuscaloosa, AL at Bloom Hillel. We are open M-F from 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Feel free to come by with any questions or to just say hi!

380 9th Street 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401


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Please email us at hillel.connections@gmail.com

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