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What Our Previous Interns Say:

"I don’t know many people my age who have the opportunity to learn as much as I do, and learning I have been...not necessarily only in the work place though.

One of the biggest things I learned about this summer was generosity and hospitality, and I have a lot of people to thank for that.  I was fortunate that community members here in Birmingham chose to give back and invite in college students like myself. I was fortunate to have such great bosses to learn from at my internship."


"From the tight-knit Jewish community, to the rich history, to numerous employment opportunities, Birmingham is an ideal city for almost anyone."


"The many activities, privileges, and events arranged for the Hillel interns gave us numerous opportunities for true fellowship and friendship.  I want to thank everyone who made this possible for us- we all grew so much in our work, and I absolutely consider y'all my closest friends at Hillel now."                       



"I cannot emphasize enough how great my employers were"



"Very valuable.  I learned about QuickBooks, Doc.It, Excel features and many other programs associated with the business world.  I met clients, worked on multiple projects, and more!"



From our confidential survey at the end of the summer:


"I thought the community would be much smaller since I hadn't had much experience here, but I could really see a future in Birmingham." 

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