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Potential internship areas include:

  • Accounting

  • Architecture

  • Business

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Finance

  • Hospital Administration

  • Investment

  • Journalism

  • Marketing

  • Pre-dentistry

  • Pre-law

  • Pre-medical

  • Real estate

  • Social Work

Others possibilities available upon request!

This year we are fortunate to be partnering with the UA Career Center,  and able to take advantage of opportunities also listed with Handshake.  Please read more from the Career Center, and explore Handshake listings... 

Interested in Coming to Birmingham for Summer 2022?

What Internships Do We Offer?

Although Summer 2022 is somewhat unpredictable due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our students have excelled in academics, and we are committed to helping them find a valuable internship experience.  They realize that classroom knowledge must be matched with real-world job training to succeed in competing for a desirable employment position. Listed below are just a few of the companies we have partnered with in the past. You'll find a link to their website.  We have personal contacts at many businesses and feel that during this pandemic, it is even MORE important to advocate for and connect our exceptional students with employers.  Our past employers can testify that they were given a vetted resume and mutually matched with a bright and energetic intern.    If you know of a company, corporation, or business that you think would make a great addition, please let us know!

Recent UA Career Center listings

Below are examples of companies (with their positions) we've worked with in the past.  As soon as we get your resume and understand what you're looking for, we will start to search for that ideal internship opportunity for you!  Email resume to 

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