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About Hillel Connections

The Hillel Connections Summer Internship program strives to help college students gain relevant career skills while learning about the professional and cultural opportunities in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Our five past summers (2018-2023) brought thirty-one bright and enthusiastic interns to live and work in the "Magic City."  We are now recruiting for the summer of 2024, and plan to accept 8-20 students , who will be housed in apartments to work from June 2-July 26. Activities and events during the summer include Shabbat services, trying out new restaurants, You Belong in Birmingham events, sessions with the clergy, community service, baseball games, and other fun events! Hillel Connections is a great opportunity for students to learn valuable career skills with links to possible future employment, and to feel welcomed by the Birmingham community we all know and love.

During our pilot year, only students from the University of Alabama were eligible for Hillel Connections.  In 2019,  students from other universities that were living in Birmingham for the summer were invited to participate in the program.  We welcome all Jewish collegiates to apply and join in obtaining a valuable internship while developing personal friendships with other students and our community.


If connecting with new friends to explore a beautiful city brimming with employment and entertainment opportunities is of interest to you, don't miss this!

Intern applications are requested to be submitted by January 1, 2024 but will continue to be accepted.  The sooner we have your information, the sooner we can spot the perfect internship for you!

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